10 Curiousity Sparking Plants For Your Garden

Garden plants reveal a great deal about the gardener, and exotic garden plants let you reflect your individuality. Cultivate these unusual species as your garden plants, and you'll whet your neighbors' curiosity.1. The eye-catching white alpine strawberry is a smaller, paler version of the common strawberry. Each berry of these garden plants tastes sweet and wild with the merest hint of pineapple.2. Some garden plants look like they come from another planet. The blue passion flower is a quick growing vine that features eye-popping color. The bloom features white petals, a bright purple corona of filaments, yellow-green stamens and bold purple stigmas. Few garden plants compare.3. The purple triple datura looks as if it belongs in a museum of modern art, but you'll love having it in your garden. If you live in zones nine to 11, this visually striking flower will look right at home among your other garden plants.4. Another unusual addition to your garden plants is the Dr. Seuss-favored allium. These hardy plants resist deer and require little care.5. The mild flavor of the watermelon radish is as delightful as its bright coloration. It's bigger and sweeter than traditional radishes.6. A parrot tulip makes a lovely, flamboyant contrast to other garden plants. Their petals twist and curl, and you'll love the two-toned varieties.7. The broccoli romanesco looks like it belongs under the sea. With its light green hue and spiky, spiraling texture, you'll fall in love with this vegetable.8. When you add the black cat petunia to your garden plants, it will be a showstopper. The only black petunia, it's sure to garner "ooohs" from everyone who sees it.9. Blooming wild maypops can be the most eye-catching thing in your garden. Native to North America, these plants do well anywhere.10. You won't believe the size of the sunzilla sunflower. Plant them in full sun. The extra thick stock keeps them standing tall.

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