Landscaping Home and Community Associations

In order to provide landscaping services for large residential groups such as home and community associations, a landscaping company must be familiar with the plants, trees, climate and irrigation specific to each property. They must be efficient, professional and excellent in what they do while also being skilled in customer service. Olympic Lawn & Landscape, Inc. is proud to maintain an excellent reputation in each of these areas and is fully equipped to design and maintain the landscape of any community or home association in our service area.

Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance

We understand that landscaping is a major expense for residential groups. Next to insurance, it often requires the greatest investment. That’s why Olympic Lawn & Landscape will treat your community with care and offer our expert design and maintenance on every project.

Professional Landscaping

If you are looking for a professional landscape company for your community or home association, contact us today for a free consultation. All of the services we list for residential and commercial landscaping are available to home groups, and we will gladly assess your area and create an ideal setting to make your property stand out for its natural beauty. Keep your current residents happy and attract others to your area for years to come by letting us serve you with our professional, quality landscaping service.

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